Wednesday, September 22, 2010

ABC Book

This is the entries from our summer class project, the ABC book. Everyone in the class was given a letter and had create an image... we sure had a lot of fun! :)

A is for Alligator. Anca Sandu.

C is for Caterpillar. Sarah Whelan.

D is for Dance. Baipor Wechayachai.

E is for "There's an elephant in the room". Birgitta Sif.

F is for Foresight. Thomas Radcliffe.

G is for Gerbie. Susanna Moores.

H is for Huge Horse is gentle with a soft nose. Patrick Kennedy.

I is for Infiltration. Matty Long.

J is for Jiving Jellyfish. Santuzza Affonseca.

K. Eyizera Phoenix.

L is for Leaves in autumn. Beth Roose Hopkins.

M is for Mouse, Moon, Mexican Hat... Emma Symons.

N is for Naked. Marta Altés.

O is for Owl. JJ.

P is for Plasticine Puppy. Vanya Nastanlieva.

Q is for Queen of Ducks. Hye Sang.

R is for Rooster Riding a Rodeo Rabbit. Sorcha Prior.

S is for Shooting Star. Kow Fong.

T is for Tea Time. Miriam Hull.

U is for Under water. Kwen Kyunghee.

V is for Voodoo Queen. Christina O Donovan.

W is for Weasels plotting world domination. Elys Dolan.

X. Ting Ting.

Y is for Yorkshire Terrier. Anna Brown.

Z is for Zebra. Sujin.


  1.'s S for Shooting Star! :)
    But hey, it's not complete...?
    anyway, I will be joining the class only on week 2, I'm still in Singapore right now enjoying myself :P

  2. Hi!!! sorry! my fault :P
    now it's fixed! :)
    enjoy singapore!
    see u soon!!